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Comprehensive Needs Assessment
presented by Glenda Hinsley

State and federal programs require that a Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) process be used to determine needs and priorities.  Engage your stakeholders in a meaningful way and develop partnerships for success to move your school forward. 

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Building Brain-Compatible Classrooms
presented by Glenda Hinsley

Strategies and research will be shared in an interactive and engaging way to model what brain-compatible classrooms look like, sound like, and feel like!  Leave with a plethora of ways to keep your students engaged and motivated to learn!

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Social Emotional Learning
Strategies to Build a Collaborative Classroom
presented by Glenda Hinsley

Learning is social and emotional.  Students need opportunities to speak, listen, and connect with one another, but it doesn't just happen by chance.  Putting them together in groups doesn't mean they will work well together.  Learn how to build teams, and incorporate purposeful opportunities for students to communicate while also being "on task" with the day's objectives!

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3 R's to Re-charge: Teacher Wellness Strategies to Kick the Mid-Year Slump
presented by Glenda Hinsley

Teachers do not get tired OF the work, but they get tired IN the work. Take time to refocus your priorities, reinvigorate with healthy habits, and reaffirm your passion for teaching to kickstart the new year!  This interactive, 3-hour session will provide your teachers with much needed time to reflect, connect, and rejuvenate with their colleagues!

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Accountability & Me:  Linking TAPR & the Teacher
presented by Glenda Hinsley

Understanding how the alignment of curriculum, instruction, and assessment are supported by the T-TESS process will help teachers see how their daily instruction impacts student achievement results in the TAPR.  Staff will clarify high expectations, identify whether or not they are being met by analyzing the data, and reflect on their own practices.

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Re-Boot Camp for Title I Principals
presented by Glenda Hinsley

Re-energize and re-focus with Best Practices that emphasize creating Habits for Success, Evidence-based Leadership, Vision, Mission, and Mantras, Goal-Setting & Prioritizing, Coaching Skills, and Capacity-Building for you and your team!

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