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This online course takes approximately 1-hour.  

A Professional Development Certificate is provided.

3 R's to Re-charge: Teacher Wellness Strategies to Kick the Mid-Year Slump
presented in person, by Glenda Hinsley

Teachers do not get tired OF the work, but they get tired IN the work.  Take time to refocus to address the mental aspects, reinvigorate with healthy habits to kickstart a new year, and reaffirm your passions and the spiritual side of why you became a teacher!

3 R's to Re-Charge.jpg
High-Leverage Strategies to ENGAGE Students in Poverty
presented in person, by Glenda Hinsley

Evidence-based strategies proven to have a high effect size  for students experiencing poverty will help close learning gaps faster.  These are pedagogical strategies and non-content specific.

POVERTY-High Leverage Strategies-2.jpg
Accountability & Me:  Linking TAPR & the Teacher
presented in person, by Glenda Hinsley

Understanding the mission and vision, how the curriculum, instruction, and assessments are aligned and supported by T-TESS, clarifying high expectations and what it looks like in the data, and a breakdown of the different types of data and their uses will help teachers see the impact of daily instruction, interventions, and formative assessments in the classroom.

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