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Fiscal & Documentation REVIEW
(on-site technical assistance)
provided by Glenda Hinsley

A review of grants budgets, payroll, time-and-effort, policies, documentation and more will assist you in putting systems in place to ensure your staff are implementing effective programs and meeting requirements.

District-Level Documentation Review.png
(on-site technical assistance)
provided by Glenda Hinsley

Assistance in planning and developing a thorough Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) and the Campus Improvement Plan (CIP) will ensure stakeholders are involved and committed to your improvement efforts.  Includes a review of documentation to meet Title I requirements.

Campus Tech Assist.jpg
Campus Improvement Plans & Documentation
(on-site technical assistance)
presented by Glenda Hinsley

Learn the components of improvement plans that have the biggest positive impact on student performance and use yours as a tool for student gains. Requirements for CIPs and documentation supporting Title I programs will shared.  

Title I_CNA-CIP-Documentation.png
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