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Comprehensive Needs Assessment . . . Now Scheduling!
(facilitated on-site)
facilitated by Glenda Hinsley

Are you ready for your 2022-2023 grant requirements?  It all begins with the CNA!  An effective Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA) will drive gains at the campus- and district-levels.  This step-by-step process will guide leadership teams in developing an effective CNA, and the research-based practices proven to make it effective.

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VIRTUAL Comprehensive Needs Assessment
(facilitated through ZOOM)
facilitated by Glenda Hinsley

Now more than ever, a Comprehensive Needs Assessment will help determine the focused and targeted support needed by teachers, students, and families.  This Virtual CNA will be facilitated using ZOOM technology and will guide participants through the same process as a face-to-face training.  This can be scheduled in multiple sessions to break up the challenges of using remote technology.Contact me if you would like to schedule a Virtual CNA for your district or campus. 

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Re-Boot Camp for Title I Principals
acilitated on-site)
presented by Glenda Hinsley

Re-energize and re-focus with Best Practices that emphasize creating Habits for Success, Evidence-based Leadership, Vision, Mission, and Mantras, Goal-Setting & Prioritizing, Coaching Skills, and Capacity-Building for you and your team!

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